Academy by the Sea


July 6th - August 1st, 2015
Co-ed, Ages 10-16

The enrichment session balances academics in the morning with recreation in the afternoons to stimulate engagement and to cultivate specific interests. This program will help students acquire new skills through hands-on elective classes, such as Study Skills or Robotics. In the afternoons and evenings, campers enjoy a variety of options such as: beachfront activities, arts and crafts, and other activities.

On the weekend, students and campers participate in exciting weekend excursions.

Locations include*:

  • Knott's Berry Farm
  • Universal Studios
  • Disneyland
  • Shopping

*Subject to change

Course Listing:

  • Comics and Animation
  • Math Blast
  • Video Production & Broadcasting
  • Reading and Writing
  • Robotics
  • Student Development
  • Study Skills
  • Super Science Sampler
  • ANA Junior Life Guard Program



7:00 Wake-up
7:20 Flag raising
7:30-7:45 Breakfast
7:45-8:15 Dorm clean up
8:30-10:20 3 Enrichment Classes, then 
11:30-11:45 prepare for lunch
12:00-12:30 Lunch, followed by
12:30-15:20 surfing, sports and other planned activities
15:30-16:30 Choice of daily supervised activity
16:30-17:15 Free time, open beach and phone calls home
17:15-18:00 Evening programming
18:00 Flag lowering and evening announcements
18:15-18:45 Dinner
19:00-20:45 Evening study hall
21:15-22:00 Lights out

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Comics and Animation

Students in this class will use their artistic skills to create and develop their own comic characters. They will learn the basics of comic animations and film and animate their own creations. The class will include at least one trip to an area animation studio. Last year’s class went on a field trip to the Walt Disney Animation Studios and received a behind-the-scenes view of the art of creating a comic animated film. Back to top

Math Blast

Fun with math. This class will introduce students to general math, Algebra, and Geometric concepts. Students will use their knowledge of these basic math principles to solve every day practical problems. Instruction will be non-traditional, presenting students with practical, everyday situations and how to solve these problems people normally face. In a hundred tries, how many times will the coin actually turn up heads, tails? What is the probability of an event happening? What does Einstein’s Theory of Relativity really mean? Math is explored in a fun environment in which games, puzzles and challenges allow each student to enjoy the process of doing math. Back to top

Video Production & Broadcasting

Modern Media is a course designed for students to learn the elements and techniques to produce news style packages, multi-camera broadcasts, short films, highlight films, cover events and produce a DVD yearbook. Students will use contemporary vocabulary, protocol and skills. Students will learn to write scripts, storyboard, schedule, communicate with talent and production team, use appropriate sound and lighting, camera techniques and editing. A variety of news broadcasts, film and readings will be evaluated for use in student productions. Students will learn to critique their own work, and that of peers and professionals. Emphasis will be placed on how news broadcasts and films are connected to history as well as other art forms, subject areas and careers. Back to top

Reading and Writing

Have you ever wondered what might be in the thoughts of an author when he/she writes a classic novel?  Do you absolutely either love or hate reading and writing? Are you prepared to investigate, explore, question, and delve into the mind of the author while genuinely enjoying the art of reading and writing?  If so, this class is for you. Those who love reading and writing will only love it more and those who absolutely dislike reading and writing will learn to love it! Various works of Lewis Carroll will be analyzed and writing assignments will be geared to self-expression and creative endeavors. Come join us on a wonderful adventure where we will explore life from the other side of the looking-glass! Back to top


Can you design a machine to do your homework? Well, maybe not, but in this challenging class you will work in teams using LEGO Mindstorms to construct and program competition-style robots to perform complex tasks. Test your robotics skills with exciting contests throughout the week. Back to top

Student Development

Student Development will focus on the life skills and knowledge that are not often addressed in a typical academic program. We will discuss the legal, ethical and social responsibilities of teenagers in order to ensure that students make appropriate decisions now that will have a positive and lasting impact on their futures. Further, we will be exploring educational, financial, and career paths that students can take in order to achieve life goals.  Back to top

Study Skills

The objective of the Study Skills course is to supplement instruction and provide services that support students in developing the skills necessary for their effective performance in the academic environment. Students will study the techniques of listening, note-taking, reading comprehension, time management and organization, test preparation, keyboarding, mind-mapping, and memorization. Students will also be introduced to research and library literacy skills using various types of formats, e.g. databases, internet, magazines, newspapers, books, etc. and in the process will learn how to develop a thesis statement, write a strong paper, and cite correctly using the MLA writing style. Students will engage in practice exercises for keyboarding and other activities to help middle and high school cognition. Back to top


Super Science Sampler

Have fun this summer exploring the world of science – Extract, amplify, and separate DNA, Clone plants, investigate anatomy and physiology through dissections and experimentation, discover the rich diversity of southern California’s marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Participants will sharpen their science skills through hands on activities, including experimentation, microscopy, field trips and more. Back to top


ANA Junior Lifeguard Program

Have you ever wondered how you can spend time around the beach, get in shape, and get paid?  Lifeguarding is the answer!  This basic oceanfront junior lifeguarding course will offer participants knowledge of the oceanfront and the skills necessary to keep themselves and others safe in the water.  This program will encourage leadership, self-discipline, self-motivation, dedication, confidence, mental and physical toughness.  Even if you do not want to become a lifeguard, this enrichment course will help participants develop skills and assets transferable toward anything they do.  It's also just downright fun!  Join the aquatic community.  Lifeguards for life. Back to top


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Academy by the Sea

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