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Are you thinking about sending your son or daughter to  Academy by the Sea this summer? If so, you probably have many questions that we hope to answer in our FAQ's below. If your questions are not addressed below, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phone. We are always here to help you and to provide the best possible summer experience for your child!
What expenses do your rates include?
Our rates include room and board, 3 weekday meals, linens, and athletic and social activities.
What are your 2014 rates?

The 4-week Camp-Brain sessions are $4,200.  (June 29 – July 26)
The 3-week Camp Pacific Classic is $2,675.  (July 6 – July 26)
The 3-week Camp Pacific Adventure is $3,200.  (July 6 – July 26)
The 1-week Camp Pacific Summer Days is $360 per session. (July 7- July 11, July 14 - 18, July 21 - 25)
The 4-week Camp Challenge (JROTC Leadership) is $4,650 (July 14 – August 9)
The 2-week Camp Challenge Jr. (Middle School Leadership) is $2,950 (June 30 – July 12)
How many campers and students attend each of your sessions?
During all the camps, there are approximately 300 campers that will stay on campus.  Camp-Brain enrolls approximately 80 boarding students.  Camp Pacific sees about 100 boarding campers, and Camp Challenge leadership programs will have about 100 participants.  We have other outside groups from around the world that fill in the difference.
Are you an accredited camp?
Camp Pacific is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA).  The ACA covers over 300 standards in areas such as staff selection, safety rules, program, and health, sanitation, and administration.  Standards are evaluated and updated yearly.

The Army and Navy Academy winter programs are fully accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and California Association for Independent Schools (CAIS).
How do you select your staff?
Our teachers, camp counselors, program directors, and staff are carefully selected young men and women who are dedicated to working with children and have the ability to serve as outstanding role models. Experienced teachers and camp counselors provide classroom and recreational activity instruction, overall supervision of dormitories, and an interactive campus life environment.

We hire energetic teachers from local school districts, recent college graduates, and teachers from our academic school year.

Camp counselors are hired through international placement agencies and local universities.

All faculty, staff, and counselors undergo a comprehensive interview process including a background check, reference check, and drug screening.

Teachers and counselors attend an intense orientation which emphasizes counseling/teaching skills, group dynamics, safety procedures, and activity/classroom management skills.
Are uniforms required?
Dress for our academic and recreation camps are informal, generally shorts and tee-shirts. Dress for Camp Challenge and Camp Challenge Jr. will be polo shirts, Army Combat Uniforms (ACU), or physical training attire. While most of the uniform will be provided, there will be items that will need to be brought. Please refer to the “Recommended Packing List” for the programs to decide what should be brought.  Participants are expected to be well groomed.  Parents/guardians should ensure that all clothing is appropriate and in good taste.  The Academy reserves the right to approve clothing.  Some formal clothing such as collared shirts and slacks or dresses and skirts may be brought for special occasions.  With the exception of the beach and dorm rooms, shoes or sandals are required at all times.
What is the weather like in Carlsbad?
Carlsbad has a typical mild and fair-weathered coastal climate. The average summer temperature is 73 degrees with hot afternoons and cooler evenings.
What is the surf like in Carlsbad?
We are specifically designed for beginner to intermediate surfers and body-boarders. Our beach is a perfect beach to learn to surf or bodyboard because it is consistently mild. Our program is not designed for advanced surfers and body-boarders as the surf is usually not challenging enough for that level. The average wave height is 1-4 feet, and the average water temperature is 66-70 degrees in Carlsbad. Wetsuits are recommended for those planning on taking part in the surf program.
How are roommates paired together? Can I request a specific roommate?
Students and campers can request to room with a friend. We will try to honor most requests, but we cannot make any guarantees. Please note that the request must be mutual and the ages of the participants must be within one year of age. We use the Camper/Student Profile form for room placement. Campers and students are then paired with roommates of similar hobbies, interests, and age. Generally, dorm placements work our very well and the roommates become fast friends.
How can I contact my child?
All campers and students may bring their own phones and access them during designated times.  Except in emergency situations, campers may not make phone calls during activity periods.  Students may not make phone calls during classes, activities, or study hall.  Incoming calls are received by our camp office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All incoming calls are given to campers and students once a day in the form of written messages. You can contact the Academy by the Sea office during office hours, Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 4:00pm at 760-434-7564.

Cell phone use is for designated free time only.

All campers and students are given the opportunity to use the Internet for email purposes during designated free time.
What if my child gets homesick?
Missing home and family is natural for children who go off to summer camp/school. Our staff is trained in working with children and helping them to deal with homesickness. It is common that the first letters or phone calls you receive may indicate some uneasiness. Many students/ campers experience a short adjustment period during their first day or two of being away from home. As soon as students/campers get caught up in the excitement of new friends and activities their anxieties soon fade. Your support of our normal schedule is critical to your student's/camper's success. Please try to encourage and be proud of your child’s independence before they leave for camp. It's also helpful to send upbeat, cheerful letters from home that focus on camp and the fun times they are having.
How much do you charge for transportation services?

Prices (without escort/with escort)

San Diego International Airport ($50, $120)

Los Angeles International Airport ($250, $310)

McClellan-Palomar Airport - Carlsbad ($25, $25)

Oceanside Amtrak Train Station ($10, $10)

Transportation services are offered at the beginning and end of our summer sessions.

We'd like to visit your campus. How do we arrange a campus tour?
The two options we offer are a weekly individual tour or our monthly open house.  Individual tours are given Monday through Friday 10 AM through 4 PM.  Friends and family are also welcome to attend our monthly open house which is held on Saturday mornings from March through May of each year. 

With either our individual tour or open house, you’ll have the opportunity to spend the morning or afternoon with us while touring the campus and learning more about our extensive summer offerings. Please call our office to make a reservation for one of our monthly open houses or to schedule an appointment for a campus tour during the week. You must have a reservation. Click here to RSVP to one of our open houses.

How do we get to The Academy by the Sea/?
From Los Angeles:
Take I-405, San Diego Freeway, to the I-5 South
Exit Carlsbad Village Drive and go West through seven traffic lights
Turn right (North) on Carlsbad Blvd. and proceed 3/10 of a mile
We are located on the left (west) side of the street at 2605 Carlsbad Blvd.
You may park on the first block of Cypress (the street before the double yellow school crossing light)

From San Diego:
Take I-5 North Exit Carlsbad Village Drive and go West through seven traffic lights
Turn right (North) on Carlsbad Blvd. and proceed 3/10 of a mile
We are located on the left (west) side of the street at 2605 Carlsbad Blvd.
You may park on the first block of Cypress (the street before the double yellow school crossing light)

With advance notice, students and campers will be transported to and from the San Diego International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Carlsbad Airport, or the Oceanside Amtrak Train Station. Upon arrival at the airport or train station, students or campers will be met at the terminal by a member of our transportation staff. All arrivals and departures must be scheduled for the opening and closing dates of the session attended and need to be confirmed with The Academy at least one week prior to the transportation date.

Prices (without escort/with escort)
San Diego International Airport ($50, $120)
Los Angeles International Airport ($250, $310)
McClellan-Palomar Airport - Carlsbad ($25, $25)
Oceanside Amtrak Train Station ($10, $10)

Academic Students Only

How do we choose my son's/daughter's academic courses?
We offer courses within Camp-Brain Enrichment and Credit. Camp-Brain Enrichment courses are designed to allow students to prepare for the upcoming school year with interactive, engaging classes.  Students entering grades 7-12 have options ranging from study skills to creative arts to robotics. We also offer courses under Camp-Brain Credit for students in high school who have received a sub-par grade (D or F) in a subject area and are in need of remediation. Credit Program courses are offered in a wide range of subjects as well.

For more information on our Enrichment options click here.
For more information on our Credit options click here.
How much academic attention will my child receive at your program?
Our average class size is 8-15 students, which allows for close attention with our students.  This provides students with the opportunity to interact both in and out of the classroom with teachers, which enhances the learning environment even further.  Any student who wants or needs any extra support will attend study hall in the evening.  Academy by the Sea provides a very supportive educational environment for everyone.
Can my child receive academic credit for his or her courses this summer?
Students entering 10th-12th grade can earn up to two high school semesters of course credit at Camp-Brain Credit. Two courses of instruction must be taken in order to fulfill a full year of credit to meet the State of California's requirements. Credit courses are offered for students needing to make up a previous year’s coursework and may not be taken to advance a future year’s courses. Students who are planning on making up a deficiency while at Academy by the Sea need to discuss the allowances that will be made for work completed over the summer with their academic-year school prior to attending.  We are more than happy to forward a transcript and course description to a student’s school when requested.

Camp Challenge (JROTC Leadership) participants will also have a chance to earn credit. Again, please check with the student’s academic-year school for confirmation that the credit will be accepted and what it will be applied to.
Do you accept day students into your academic program?
Our academic session welcomes day participants in the Credit Program. We do strongly recommend the boarding option, even for local residents, as this is an integral part of our academic program. Day students are expected to maintain the full four-week commitment with their five-days a week morning and/or afternoon class schedule. All weekday afternoon activities, weekend excursions, and weekday evening study halls are available for boarding students only.

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